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Drugs are medicines as well as chemicals that can be used for recreational purposes where the central nervous system is affected. The common effects of such drugs are on a person’s perception, consciousness, personality and behavior. Such drugs are referred to as hallucinogens, opioids, etc that have a psychotropic effect.

Substance abuse or drug abuse

Drug or substance abuse is defined as a patterned or frequent use of a drug (chemical substance) where the person using it intakes quantities of such a substance in a very harmful manner. The method with which the drug is consumed in case of a drug abuse is also considered to be harmful to that person using it as well as to others.

Thus drug abuse is nothing but a recurrent use of illegal drugs as well as misusing the prescription drugs and also the over the counter drugs.

Substance abuse will result in problems with the addicted person’s inter and intrapersonal relationships, etc. when caught it would be a criminal offense resulting in imprisonment where the term would vary depending on the class of drugs like A, B, C, etc.

Drugs and the legal aspects

A drug whether legal or illegal is always dangerous but the legal situation before a regulation or act of law is never influenced by the fact that the substance in consideration is actually a drug or not. Despite the legal status, most of the drugs considered to be legal like alcohol and nicotine are equally dangerous and fatal compared to the illegal drugs like cannabis, LSD, etc. But there is no law prohibiting people to either consuming alcohol or even smoking a cigarette. In fact, a cigarette is the cheapest of the drug very easily available. In many nations and states trading and consuming the Hard drugs for other purposes other than for medicinal use is never encouraged and in fact are subjected to severe penalties by the law. This is one reason why you must opt to buy herbal incense uk. It is safe and made of natural ingredients.